Stuffed Parathas

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Home style whole wheat partha's with delicious stuffing. Try them all! 

  1. Aloo Gobhi (4pcs) - Panfried wholemeal indian bread, stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower and spices - truly delicious!
  2. Aloo Paratha (4 pcs or 15 pcs) - A delicious stuffing of mashed Potatoes flavored with Chilies, Pepper, Tangy Mango Powder and assorted Spices enclosed in Whole Wheat dough.
  3. Paneer Onion Paratha (4 pcs or 16pcs) - born out of finest Indian Cottage Cheese and Onion Creating a blissful taste symphony with authentic Indian Herbs and Spices enclosed in Whole Wheat dough!
  4. Gobhi Paratha (4 pcs) - An eternal Indian favorite, Gobhi Paratha delivers more than just great taste! A divine stuffing of Cauliflower, Onions and Herbs flavored with Chilies, Black Pepper and assorted Spices enclosed in Whole Wheat dough.
  5. Mix Veg Paratha (4 pcs) - Sure to top the charts, Mix Veg Paratha is truly fine stuffing of fresh Vegetables flavored with Onions, Herbs, various Chili Powders, Mango Powder and authentic Spices in Whole Wheat dough!
  6. Methi Paratha (6 pcs) This delectable Methi Paratha is the finest way to conquer hearts. Kneaded with Fenugreek leaves and flavored with Garlic, Ginger and assorted Spices, this Whole Wheat dough is sure to tempt you!
  7. Muli Paratha (4 pcs) - A mesmerizing mix of White Radish flavored with Chilies, Black Pepper, Mango Powder and authentic Spices enclosed in Whole Wheat dough. An all time favorite, this crisply backed Muli Paratha tastes real good!
  8. Onion Paratha (5 pcs) - Hailed as one of the most delicious, Onion Paratha is a heavenly assortment of chopped Onions flavored with finest Herbs, Red Chili Powder, Black Pepper Powder and authentic Spices enclosed in Whole Wheat dough.
  9. Pudina Paraha (6 pcs) - A delectable favorite, Methi Paratha is the ultimate way to woo countless hearts. A rich and lively preparation born out of fresh Mint leaves flavored to the core with Chilies, Ginger and assorted Spices.
  10. Achari Paratha (4 pcs) - Tangy achari mix eclosed in whole wheat dough - crowd pleaser.



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