About Us

D.I.Y Catering is all about taking the stress out of catering for your next house party by providing easy Do-It-Yourself catering options at economical prices.

Our motto is, keep entertaining...entertaining i.e. allowing you as a host to get entertained at your own party, rather than stressing about quality and quantity of food.

Our Vision

Keeping entertaining... entertaining

Our Mission

Make it easy for busy individuals/families to entertain at home by providing quality food at the best possible value.

Our Brands

D.I.Y Catering has partnered with well-known  international and local culinary brands like Haldirams (India), Patanjali (India) Mother Foods (Canada), the Curry Servers (Australia), Kwality (Netherlands) and Lata's Kitchen (India) to bring you quality catering solution!

We also benefit from decades of experience of our logistics partner Indian Food Groups Pty Ltd. They are the importers and wholesalers of Indian foods from around the world. Please visit their website www.indianfoods.com.au for further information.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide top quality frozen Indian style banquets which you can just heat and serve at economical prices.

We aim to minimise food wastage at parties by putting you in control of exactly how much food you would like to serve. By keeping the remaining food frozen, you can enjoy it another time!

We strive to partner with the best local and international culinary suppliers to guarantee the quality and quantity of our food.  

Our Values

We want to share our love of good food and easy home entertainment which is best value for money available.

Our Product

We have created three catering packs which can fulfil your party needs from breakfast thru to dinner and everything else in between. We are also working on an exciting new package (hint: manchurian and hakka noodles) to add further variety to your choices. And we also have a number of interesting products in our pipeline (like kulcha's & gajar halwa) which we hope to introduce soon to bring seasonal variations to our menu. Subscribe to our newsletter today to be the first to know about all our upcoming additions.

For any questions please refer to our FAQ Help page, email us at admin@diycatering.com.au or use the contact form.