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The Products

Where are your products manufactured?

Are your products spicy or hot?

Do I need to cook any product?

What is the freezer life of your products?

Do you have any information on allergents?

Can I suggest products to you?

Do your products have preservatives?

The Packages

How many people does a pack cater for?

I need food for 10 or 30 people, what shall I do?

Can I swap or change products in a package?

Does your menu change on a regular basis?

What namkeen flavour and mouth freshener flavour will I receive?

Delivery and warehouse pick-up

Do you deliver?

My plans have changed, can I change my delivery date and time?

What are your pick-up times?

When can I avail complimentary product offer?

I cannot pick-up at my nominated time, what shall I do?

Returns & Exchange

Do you have a returns or exchange policy?

Can I swap between packages after I have placed an order?

I am not happy with my purchase, what shall I do?

Discounts for bulk orders

Do you offer any special discounts or promotions for bulk orders?


How do I get an invoice for my purchase?

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